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Workers’ Seminar – Tarija, Bolivia

Workers from across the Bolivian Union gathered in Tarija for a workers' seminar and spiritual refreshment.


Tarija, Bolivia—Tarija was once again the host of a national activity by the Bolivian Union. From March 15-21, church workers from across the country were present for a seminar, which had as its theme “Be a Faithful Steward of Christ”.

This gathering offered not only theoretical and practical sessions of great value, it also provided a space for connection with nature, allowing attendees to strengthen their bond and communion with God.

Brother Andre Devai (GC Welfare and Stewardship Department Director) was the guest speaker, and he shared important topics on Christian leadership. 

We praise the Lord for this moving spiritual encounter, and we appeal to our brethren to continually pray for the church leadership and those dedicating their lives to the ministry at every level. May all be done for His honor and glory and to hasten His return!