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Workers' Seminar - Tarija, Bolivia
Workers from across the Bolivian Union gathered in Tarija for a workers' seminar...

Education Department

“As a people having advanced light, we should devise means by which to develop an army of educated missionaries to enter the various departments of the work of God.” 6T 206.

The Education Department is organized to educate and train children, youth, and adults so that their abilities may be used in various lines in the Lord’s great vineyard—the world field. The educational work seeks to help children and youth form characters that will prevail through the final crisis in this world and stand as trophies of Christ in the great hereafter. A proper mode of education will restore the image of God in humanity and provide for their present peace and happiness. This work is second to none.

To this end, the Education Department visits and works closely with the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement schools around the world. This Department also assists with the curation of home schooling materials for families who are ready to undertake this step in their children’s education.

Missionary Schools are also overseen by the Education Department, including the Online Missionary School.