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Workers' Seminar - Tarija, Bolivia
Workers from across the Bolivian Union gathered in Tarija for a workers' seminar...

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry is a sub-committee of the Missionary Department. This sub-committee works diligently to spread the Gospel using every new technology at our disposal. Beyond this mission, the purpose for this sub-committee is threefold—to support and unite ongoing media initiatives by the worldwide Units, initiate new media projects wherever they are lacking, and to further the mission of every GC Department using the media platforms available.

“Let every worker in the Master’s vineyard, study, plan, devise methods, to reach the people where they are. We must do something out of the common course of things. We must arrest the attention. We must be deadly in earnest. We are on the very verge of times of trouble and perplexities that are scarcely dreamed of,” Evangelism, 122, 123.

The Media Ministry’s current focus has been to unite the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement media efforts into a streamlined ministry that will powerfully reach people wherever they live, whatever language they speak, and whenever they are available.

It also prepares and provides resources for new media projects, such as written and graphic material, as well as mentors Units looking for guidance on how to begin their own media projects.

The Media Ministry also works closely with every GC Department to promote Department events, distribute material, and more.

Other initiatives include expanding the church presence on various online platforms, developing study apps, and holding seminars educating Bible workers on how they can use technology to aid them in their work in the Lord’s vineyard.