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Workers' Seminar - Tarija, Bolivia
Workers from across the Bolivian Union gathered in Tarija for a workers' seminar...

Medical Missionary Department

It is the mission of the SDARM Medical Missionary Department to empower and support it’s health care professionals and lay workers to utilize Christ’s methods of healing. Christ’s chosen method of ministry was medical ministry. He stated that His purpose in coming to earth was “that they might have life, and that they [we] might and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). The abundant life involves the whole person, and consists of well-being in the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

In our modern age, individuals are not always seen as needing physical, mental, and spiritual healing, neither are they offered the prospect of the abundant life. Despite the brokenness in many people’s lives, we can be Christ’s hand extended to bring wholeness to the hurting. With the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy as our guide, we are in a unique position to be the bridge that connects all dimensions of health and well-being to spiritual healing.

“The principles of heaven are to be adopted and practiced by those who claim to walk in the Savior’s footsteps. By His example, He has shown us that medical missionary work is not to take the place of the preaching of the gospel, but is to be bound up with it.” Counsels on Health, p. 528.

Especially in this late hour of our world’s history, we must follow closely and faithfully the counsel of inspiration: “The medical missionary work is to be the work of the church as the right arm to the body. The third angel goes forth proclaiming the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. The medical missionary work is the gospel in practice.”–Testimonies, vol. 8, p. 77.

Our Medical Department criteria are:

  1. To be consistent with Biblical health principles.
  2. To be supported by the writings of E. G. White.
  3. To present evidence-based, peer-reviewed health information consistent with a Biblical world view.

Our department’s health initiatives include the following:

  • Supporting health education programs locally and around the world.
  • Developing health resources and training members on how to use them.
  • Publishing health pamphlets, magazines for the world, for our members and churches.
  • Encouraging health professionals to hold health fairs in the community.
  • Supporting and participating in the health mission work.
  • Organizing an annual Health Awareness Sabbath on the second sabbath of January.
  • Supporting our churches to be lifestyle education centers in their communities.

“But we need not go to Nazareth, to Capernaum, or to Bethany, in order to walk in the steps of Jesus. We shall find His footprints beside the sickbed, in the hovels of poverty, in the crowded alleys of the great city, and in every place where there are human hearts in need of consolation. In doing as Jesus did when on earth, we shall walk in His steps.” – The Desire of Ages, p. 640.

May God help us to cooperate with the Great Physician as we engage in the healing ministry. May we follow in His footsteps and relieve suffering in our churches and communities, as well as in the mission field.

John Baer
Director of the General Conference Medical Missionary Department